Diego Pavesi – Chef della Torre

From the hors d’oeuvres to the desserts, you’ll be enticed to taste the best our kitchen can offer: there are so many dishes to choose according to the season, the week and the day. The only wise thing to do at this point is taste them. Have a look at this season menu.ristoranti_dei_1000

Remember that you can enjoy the specialities of our menu during a business trip, a vacation, during a wedding banquet or for a special event, or even quite simply at dinner with your loved ones.


Naturally, most wines are Italian, although you will also find prestigious selections from neighbouring or far-away countries: first of all from France, and then from Germany, Spain, and even from California …

As every cellar worthy of respect, we have also selected for you some special olive oils as well as balsamic vinegar and other aromatic vinegar to flavour your best recipes.

All of your purchases can be specially packaged for air courier shipment to any part of the world.
Arrivederci a presto, con gusto at Trescore Balneario – Bergamo.


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So when you are looking for the best present to give a friend or important acquaintance (but most of all for yourself), come visit Cantiniere della Torre for a chat: you will have at your disposal a series of treasures a true connoisseur will recognise and appreciate instantly, from champagne and spumante wines to whites and reds, grappe and distilled spirits, whiskeys and armagnac, rum and calvados, olive oils and special vinegars, as well as useful accessories.


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