At Albergo della Torre you will discover a whole set of privileges: to begin with, you’ll be away from traffic, but only a quarter of an hour’s drive from the cultural and trade centre of Bergamo – with its splendid Upper City (Bergamo), its shops, museums, theatres and cinemas – one hour from Milan and two from the Canal Grande of Venice.

So you’ll be out of the mad crowds but at the centre of Northern Italy. You’ll be here..


Art lovers shall find in Albergo della Torre at Trescore Balneario – Bergamo a truly privileged vantage point. Indeed, your room will be only a five minutes’ walk from the Oratorio Suardi oratory, the chapel where the great Renaissance artist Lorenzo Lotto painted his most important cycle of frescoes, depicting the life-stories of Saint Barbara, and particulars of the miracles of Saints Brigida, Catherine and of Mary Magdalen, work commissioned in 1524 by the nobleman Giovan Battista Suardi. We remind you that the visiting hours are on sundays at 15:00 and 16:30 from April to September – closed during January and February. Reservation is necessary on working days. Reservations are to be confirmed with the Trescore Balneario (Bergamo) Pro Loco office (phone ++39 035 944777).

If you are fond of this misunderstood genius, ridiculed by Titian, Machiavelli and Aretino and today quite rightly considered one of the most modern masters of history of art, you will discover that our Hotel is the perfect base for an in-depth exploration of his works exhibited not only in Trescore but in the entire Bergamo area.

In fact, you can dedicate your time to discovering Lotto masterpieces in Celana, Sedrina, Ponteranica, Credaro and obviously in the city of Bergamo, all within easy reach – from 15 to 35 minutes by car. Our reception will provide you with all of the necessary indications.

Lorenzo LottoYou will be surprised by the other treasures of our area. Even if far away from city traffic, you will be only a 15 minutes’ drive away from the magic atmosphere of Bergamo’s Upper City, with its towers, belfries, churches and medieval lanes. Always in Bergamo you can visit, among the various museums, the famous Accademia lotto2Carrara which mainly exhibits masterpieces from the 15th to the 18th centuries, such as Caravaggio, Botticelli, Raffaello, Mantegna, Carpaccio, Pisanello, Velasquez… and many others. In other words, you will enter a dream, surrounded by the art of the greatest masters of all times.

We look forward to having you: arrivederci a presto, con gusto at Trescore Balneario – Bergamo.



By staying at the Torre at Trescore Balneario – -Bergamo, you will find yourself at the very heart of one of Italy’s most charming areas. If you love hills, mountains, lakes, here you will be within reach of a great variety of environments and views, and you will be able to dedicate your time to your favourite sports and natural excursions.

Albergo della Torre is located precisely at the beginning of the Cavallina valley, (click here for a detailed map) and is the ideal starting point for nature explorations of various kinds.

Do you wish to visit ancient caverns, typical country architectures, WWF environmental oases, or cut the waters of our lakes on your windsurf or small sail-boat, or go trekking or mountain-biking? Or would you prefer to more simply relax next to a pool, play a tennis match or a round of golf…?

Our reception will be happy to provide you with ample information material on our area edited by the Comunità Montana Val Cavallina board, to direct you and to book for you whatever is necessary.

Arrivederci a presto, con gusto at Trescore Balneario – Bergamo